Crescendo is shaking up restaurant traditions by rethinking restaurant spaces in a contemporary and decorative spirit. Bright colors for the walls and lighting, wooden tables and chairs with a modern design, a wall decoration adorned with fruits and vegetables reminiscent of freshness ...

Info COVID-19: opening on the 19th May Modernity is also essential in the service: no more rail where the customer put his tray and had to do the entire route! Today, shelves are placed in front of each buffet to allow customers to help themselves and move around freely: this is “free flow”! Crescendo also stands out when it comes to hot dishes: while remaining self-service, the customer can pick them up when they want, after paying.

Labels et catégories

  • Restaurant
  • Takeaway
  • Cafeteria




All year

  • Lundi: de 08h30 à 18h30
  • Mardi: de 08h30 à 18h30
  • Mercredi: de 08h30 à 18h30
  • Jeudi: de 08h30 à 18h30
  • Vendredi: de 08h30 à 21h30
  • Samedi: de 08h30 à 21h30
  • Dimanche: de 08h30 à 18h30


Daily menu : 7,60 € Child menu : 5,70 €
Tarif Min. Max.
Daily menu 7,60€
Child menu 1 plat chaud + 1 dessert + 1 boisson + 1 surprise *Prix par enfant jusqu’à 10 an 5,70€

Means of payment

  • Credit card
  • Chèques déjeuners - Restaurant vouchers
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Cash


  • Groups accepted