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Between Toulouse and Tarbes, at the foot of the Pyrenees, enjoy a number of sports and leisure activities. Enjoy the fresh air and disconnect from your hectic everyday life and reconnect with nature in the countryside of the Comminges. With kids, as a beginner or experienced athlete, outdoors or indoors… Find your activity now.

All sports and leisure activities


➽ Application guides RANDO COMMINGES A pocket version of the hiking guide ! Download the application of rambling circuits in...

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Permanent Orienteering Courses

Playing adventurers is above all walking in nature and enjoying a family outing. This fun activity is perfect to get...

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Sports and leisure activities

A canoeing excursion, nautical activities at a leisure centre, rambling with teams of donkeys, golfing, rock climbing, horseback riding or...

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Where to swim ? From swimming pools to lakes, in the summer or winter, make the most of your trip...

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From rivers to streams to dams to lakes and ponds, you’ll find what you need to cast your line! Alexandre...

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Where to take in a film? National programming, cultural events (concerts, opera, stand-up comedy and classic films), the Art Film...

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The great outdoors

Ready to take time out, get some fresh air and have fun? It’s time to charge up your batteries and...

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It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Wondering what to do when it rains? Find activities to keep the whole family happy no matter what the weather....

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Kids in tow

Looking for activities to enjoy as a family? Inside or out, here are all the leisure centres that welcome kids...

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