Playing adventurers is above all walking in nature and enjoying a family outing. This fun activity is perfect to get young and old moving and take a breath of fresh air !

Orienteering course : fun and accessible to all.

The operation is simple. All you need to do is get a map (available online on the website and go in search of the markers. They refer to particular elements of the land (monument, tree, path, etc…).

The orienteering are suitable for all ages and all levels. The orienteering course (or CO for insiders) is a fun activity that allows you to discover the landscapes by looking for markers (a “coded” clamp to validate the passage to the marker).
With family or friends, play adventurers in autonomy on the roads and off the beaten track.

The Orientation Courses of the Destination Comminges Pyrénées

There are 5 orienteering Course sites of the Destination Comminges Pyrénées : Boulogne-sur-Gesse, L’Isle-en-Dodon, Cardeilhac, Saint-Gaudens and Montréjeau.
A total of 38 courses have been created there. On each sheet, find : the course, the access, the number of markers, the length, the duration
All the courses of the Destination Comminges Pyrénées are validated by the Fédération Française de Course d’Orientation « FFCO » and the ligue d’Occitanie « LOCCO ».
They were financed and produced by the Communauté de Communes Cœur Coteaux Comminges.

Courses without compass for all levels

The orienteering course is a fun and educational activity for young and old. Learning to orient yourself means :

  • Make the relationship map/land and vice versa (land/map),
  • Learn the specific legend of orienteering (international symbolism),
  • Understand the relief (contour lines, embankment, ditch, mound, washed out of the earth,
  • Learn to use the compass (as part of the improvement).

Levels of practice

  • Green : to discover orienteering and learn to read a map. The beacons are on the paths or very close (about 2 km – from 9 years old).
  • Blue : intended for a more informed public of orientation techniques. The markers stay close to the paths (about 3 km – from 12 years old).
  • Red : intended for a public that is a bit more informed of orientation techniques than the blue level. The markers are more difficult to find. (about 5 km – from 15 years old).
  • Black : circuit intended for those who master the reading and handling of the card.

See the orienteering courses

Practical information


  • During your course, respect the local flora and fauna.
  •  Equipement : on some courses, you move off the beaten track in the brambles, avoid shorts and put on your shoes accordingly. Watch out for ticks.
  • On each sheet are mentioned two emergency numbers and the contact details of the Club « Les désorientés31 ».

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