We love to set ourselves new challenges as a team. But running in Saint-Gaudens doesn’t take much of an effort: we slip on our trainers and head out on the paths provided throughout the town!

Practice running for Saint-Gaudens

Like pros preparing for a half-marathon, we begin our session with a warm-up! While it’s still cool outside, we take the time to stretch and gently get our muscles ready before lacing up our favourite running shoes. We choose the shoes that we usually run in so that we’re sure they’re comfortable. And to manage our run in the best conditions possible, we keep ourselves hydrated and eat a little something before leaving. Is everything ready? Let’s go!

Become a running pro in Saint-Gaudens

Starting at Boulevard des Pyrénées, we follow the pedestrian path that makes it possible to depart in the shade of the big trees. We love the 3 km / 1.8 mi in the scent of these lime-blossom trees! When we reach the roundabout, it’s time to take a few moments to admire the wrought iron sculpture, a subtle reference to the former racing circuit of the Comminges.

Ready to go? We cross the road to take the path down towards the trees and then veer to the right to take the road that leads to Lac de Sède to continue our run through an incredible landscape in a cool atmosphere. Have you noticed the reflection of the mountains on the still waters?

But it’s already time to go back: we turn on our heels, head back to the roundabout, and turn to the left towards Chapelle de la Caoue! Our recommendation? Take the alternative path that leads directly above the chapel, a different direction that the runners of Saint-Gaudens are quite familiar with! We turn back towards Boulevard des Pyrénées with 10 km / 6.2 mi behind us… And we’re proud of it!

Practical information

  • A secure circuit for a safe run (pedestrian lanes along the roads); the itinerary is not marked out.
  • Recommended car park: public car park on Le Belvédère or along the Boulevard des Pyrénées city-park.
  • Opening hours of Lac de Sède: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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