The Comminges – the territory of the central Pyrenees – is also a gourmet paradise where you’ll meet enthusiasts like Dominique Bouchait. The cheesemaker, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France based in Montréjeau, produces delightful dairy products that are not to be missed.

The Napoléon, a local speciality

After 10 months of maturation within its brown rind, the cheese known as the Napoléon, so typical of the Pyrenees, acquires its full-bodied flavour and character.

It is different from other cheeses because of its creamy texture and generous taste, the Comminges’ Napoléon is a Pyrenees cheese with a soft heart.
Indeed, even when it is fully matured, the traditional ewe’s cheese remains supple.

As for its somewhat unexpected name, it is taken from the “Penne-Haute” mountain – better known as “nez de Napoléon” or “Napoleon’s nose” because of its shape – which stands before our cheese cellar.
Mother Nature provides us with this silhouette as a guardian of the landscape, like a Pyrenean shepard.

International renown

Dominique Bouchait distributes his Pyrenean cheeses and those of his colleagues to 24 countries, from Europe to Australia to Japan to Hong Kong.

Share a cheese platter with friends

“Cornu”, “Pipoune”, “Baraillan”, “Mignon”, “Trou du cru de Bourgogne”: the names might sound interesting, but just wait to taste the cheeses!

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