At the foot of the Pyrenees, the hillsides and valleys of the Comminges are the natural setting for traditional agriculture. For several generations, the SOLLE family, with passion and modernity, has been perpetuating an agriculture that respects animals and their environment.
The SOLLE family is committed to knowing its land, listening to its animals, and not stubbornly following practices without questioning them. This is reflected in the official acronyms of recognised quality: Label Rouge, IGP, AOC and AOP.
Porc Noir de Bigorre AOC, AOP: “Elegance and excellence”.
Haricot Tarbais Label Rouge, IGP: “Finesse and flavour”.
The Gascon cow: “Tender and character”.

On sale with us

  • Tarbais dry beans, red label: € 14.
  • Garbure with Tarbais beans, tinned 350g : € 4,10.
  • Cassoulet with Tarbais beans, tinned 780g: € 8,10.

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