The Sainte Marie beehives have been established in Génos since 1963. This family-run business has developed based on honey (sales of equipment, boutique and apiculture museum).

A number of varieties of honey

Ghislaine and her husband and son, Cyril, possess 1,000 beehives based in the Pyrenees. During the production season, the beehives are transported to accommodate the flowers blooming and the types of honey being produced. These seasonal migrations of beehives make it possible to offer acacia, chestnut and heather honey, among others.

On sale at our boutique

  • Jar of acacia, chestnut, heather honey, 500g : €7,10
  • Honey and brown sugar sweets : €3,40

Boutique de Saint-Gaudens, 2, rue Thiers
Tél : 05 61 94 77 61