Halfway between Toulouse and the Pyrenees, the small village of L’Isle-en-Dodon is a well-kept secret concealed among the hillsides of the Comminges. Sometimes you have to leave the well-beaten path to find this kind of marvel, since it doesn’t necessarily figure in the guide books!

Stroll through the historical centre of L’Isle-en-Dodon

To set out to discover the village, we recommend that you begin with the historical centre, which reveals a few amazing surprises! The central square is the heart of L’Isle-en-Dodon, and is easy to recognise with its typical Gascon-style houses. The multicoloured porch roofs and half-timbered walls are a reminder that the village was fortified in the 11th century; nearly – but not quite – a bastide! Stroll through the lanes along these typical medieval squares and stop over at the Saint-Adrien church, a listed historical building. Inside, time seems to stand still. Admire the stained glass windows by Arnaud de Moles, dating from 1520. After taking a few minutes to appreciate the Gothic architecture of the bell wall, head for the town hall. Why the town hall? Because this is not just any town hall: the municipal council room of L’Isle-en-Dodon features two frescoes by Gaston Lagorre. Painted between 1937 and 1946, the first one represents the different seasons and life in the country, the other one is a tribute to the martyrs of the Maquis de Meilhan, places of Resistance during the World War II. As you linger at the town hall, you’ll have the opportunity to discover other works of art scattered throughout the building.

Enjoy the sweet life in L’Isle-en-Dodon

Your trip to L’Isle-en-Dodon offers you the chance to slow down the usual hectic modern pace and to taste the sweet life so typical of the region. Start your day at the La Huchette bakery, which has become a temple to good French bread within its few years of existence. There you’ll find exclusively products prepared with care using organically grown ingredients. Valérie and Didier will be delighted to explain their techniques and offer you a taste of noisettines, one of their house specialities.

Set off for a stroll along the banks of the Save and enjoy a beautiful view over the footbridge and Pont de la Save, two emblematic symbols of L’Isle-en-Dodon.

Continue your stroll through L’Isle-en-Dodon at the Foirail du Pré-Commun, where inhabitants like to gather. Here in the shade of the trees, you might chat with the locals or rise to the challenge of a petanque tournament.

Our top picks in L’Isle-en-Dodon

  • Looking for a little refreshment? Step through the archways of the covered gallery where markets were held in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Visit the town hall to take in the triptych paying tribute to the victims of the Maquis de Meilhan.
  • If you visit L’Isle-en-Dodon during the summer, don’t miss the outdoor film screenings with Cinéma dans les Coteaux. This is a great occasion to meet the locals and enjoy a warm evening under the stars.

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