First category fishing course

Dominant salmonids : the trout

  • La Garonne
  • Le Ger
  • Le Lavet
  • Le Roussec

The following rivers present a zone of 1st and 2nd category.

  • La Louge
  • La Noue
  • La Save
  • La Nere
  • La Gimone
  • La Gesse

Second category lakes

Lakes with predatory fish and white fish.

  • Lac de Sède
  • Lac d’Esparron
  • Lac de Saint Frajou
  • Lac de Saint André
  • Lac de Lunax ou de la Gimone

Lakes with white fish and brown trout or rainbow trout

  • Montréjeau lake 1st category brown trout
  • Boulogne lake 2nd category rainbow trout

Fishing regulations in Haute-Garonne

Legal catch sizes and opening periods 1st and 2nd category